Most, if not all, companies are running improvement initiatives. These improvement initiatives are often run locally and based on different methodologies and with different aim. Lean, Six Sigma, Predictive Maintenance, Engineering to Order, Business Process Reengineering, just to list a few. While the intentions behind these different initiatives are all well thought, they are not necessarily supporting the overall improvement strategy and expectations of the company.

On the contrary, the multi focused and scattered approach and the absence of a uniform and centrally driven improvement program leaves businesses fighting over resources, cannibalizing on results and with an unnecessary process variation that should have been streamlined.

September 15th - we are happy to announce the launching of our company – ChangeForce.

At ChangeForce we are dedicated to change, collaboration and setting groundbreaking improvement records. Our collaborative approach accelerates and facilitate innovation and development. Elements we together turn into improvements and benefits for the business